EXPOSED: A Previously Confidential Blueprint Revealing The *Unconventional* Online Business That Made Us A SIX-FIGURE Income From Just 10 "Sales" !




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So to recap, you need virtually no experience with internet marketing because you'll be learning as you go along and we will give you absolutely everything you could possibly need to get started.

Essentially what we are doing is allowing you to copy our ENTIRE business - literally every last detail... and if you felt that meeting potential customers face to face would be too daunting, or even if you wanted to target customers in other countries, you could easily make this work by driving traffic to the websites we'll give you and communicate with customers via phone or email.

In short, this is unlike anything you've seen before for one very specific reason...

Think about this: Generally speaking, a medium size 'offline' company would have around 60 employees, would probably work with around 500 'clients' and most likely pay its CEO around $250,000 each year.

Then compare that to what you can make with an online business like this, with one employee (YOU) working from home each day. I mean just look how the profit numbers stack up...

5 customers = Potentially $50,000 /year

10 customers = Potentially $100,000 /year

50 customers = Potentially $500,000 /year

100 customers = Potentially $1,000,000 /year

As you can see, the power of this business is absolutely immense, especially when you consider that you wouldn't necessarily need to employ anyone until you reached the $100,000 mark.

Plus, similar SEM courses retail in excess of $1000 - but still don't even come close to giving away what we'll be handing you for a fraction of the price... and if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this amazing information, you can download everything right here

...However, if you want to find out a little more about what we're going to be giving you, we have provided a detailed overview of the components of SEM Business Blueprint further down the page. But first, check out what some of our beta-testers are saying about this material....

"The Most Practical Business Plan I Have Seen"

Having been a full time internet marketer for almost 8 years now I have to say that this course is the most practical business plan I have seen.

The material is very detailed and complete yet thankfully it is concise and quick to get through. It's all meat and no fluff. This has made the system very simple for me to implement.

Shawn Meldrum


"$1600 Recurring Revenue In 17 Days"

I just implemented the "SEM Business Bluperint" module and I have two paying clients, each $800, that's $1600 a month recurring in 17 days!

The best part is that my new clients are happy to give me money to manage their PPC and online marketing. Meanwhile, I can afford to run my own campaigns and build my affiliate business.

This course is stuffed with powerful information that you can profit from right now.

Robert Stanley


"I Signed The Very First Company I Spoke To"

Steve and Tim have done it again.  As soon as I started using the material from SEM Business Blueprint I knew I had something special.

The meetings I’m having on the phone with prospective clients really illustrates the Internet marketing knowledge we have gained through this training; the prospects are completely blown away by how much more effectively I can run their Adwords campaigns.  I signed the very first company I spoke to.

I highly recommend SEM Business Blueprint to anyone who wants to make a handsome living running SEO and Adwords campaigns for others.  Everything you’ll need is there, including my personal favorite—the amazing support we always get in the forum.

Derek Gatehouse


"The Information Has Saved Me Months Of Time"

I have been involved with IT for 25 years since leaving the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) with a honours degree in electronics. After serving my time as a development engineer and sales manager, I started my own company in the video compression market. I raised $5M in venture capital, sold up and moved on.

SEM Business Blueprint has been a revelation. I had been concerned that sitting in my home office and building up my e-commerce and affiliate sites was leaving me cut off from the general business community.

Plus I wanted another revenue string to my bow. I have used the material supplied as a base for my website and my marketing campaign.

The information and templates have not only saved me months of time but also made sure I started on the right path. It is early days but I have made several, well received, presentations and I am confident of signing up my first client soon.

Colin Phipps


...And Here Are The Full Details On What You Will Receive Once You Download The 'SEM Business Blueprint' Course:


SEM Business Blueprint - Stage 1

The first section of SEM Business Blueprint will show you exactly why this is such an exceptionally easy and effective way to make thousands of dollars whilst you are working on other areas of your internet business, whether it be affiliate marketing, product creation, blogging or some other type of online venture.

  You'll soon realize why this is one of the fastest possible ways to quit your job, how just 5 customers have the capacity to make $1,000 each week and why if 10 customers were secured (which is easy), it is absolutely conceivable that this would lead to $100,000 per year in pure profit without breaking sweat.
  We'll reveal why the market demand for this type of service is vast and increasing all the time and once we show you how to set things up correctly you'll have people queuing up to write you checks almost immediately.
  You'll learn why this is something you can do no matter where you live in the world. Remember, there are businesses looking for this type of help in virtually every town, in every country across all four corners of the globe. Everyone wants to increase their business online, but few know how to do it effectively and are chucking tons of money down the drain each day as a result. In other words they NEED you... and will be willing to pay large sums of money for your time.
  How by following our advice you will essentially be paid to increase you knowledge and become an expert in internet marketing and online business... and you'll do so by experimenting with OTHER PEOPLE'S money!
  In short, no matter how much experience you have, by using the material and tools we'll hand you, you'll be able to get up and running in as little as 48 hours (no joke) and be uniquely positioned to be on your way to a 6-figure income in an astonishingly short space of time.





SEM Business Blueprint - Stage 2

In this section we'll give you simple step by step instructions on how to set up your Pay Per Click and SEO management services and reveal how, once you have everything running, new customers will pay you up front fee of as much as $2500 BEFORE you actually do any work...

  We'll go through every fine detail of the set up with nothing left out... including company formation, the most important reason why you should become Adwords certified and the 'special' way of setting up your Adwords accounts so you can easily manage your customers accounts.
  We'll show you precisely how to analyze any business in 3 minutes flat and how to use some simple but highly effective research secrets that'll allow you to generate thousands of keywords for any business... super quickly... even if you don't know anything about the market.
  You'll discover an amazing push button formula which will show you how much you should be paying per click on Google Adwords and how you can track conversions for a company whose sales are processed offline.
  We will also expose an amazing tool that will spy on the competition you'll be up against so you can see where they are advertising. This will cut out hours or even days of work which in turn will allow you to generate thousands of dollars in fees for something that will take you just 4 hours to set up.
  End result? You'll be able to charge massive up front fees and then go on to continuously receive between $800 and $2000 per month per customer





SEM Business Blueprint - Stage 3

In this section of the SEM Business Blueprint video series we'll run through exactly how to set up your customers campaigns once you have received all the information about their business and how you can generate 'enviable' levels of income by revealing...

  The inner workings of an essential tool that will save you hours of work, allow you to run and manage your accounts successfully and be able make massive changes in minutes which would otherwise have taken hours.
  The exact steps to take if your campaigns aren't receiving any traffic, a quick fix you can implement if your cost per click is too high and how to convey massive value to your customers by proving that you are split testing and tracking their results every day. (in fact, a 'machine' will do all this work for you)
  How to offer highly sought after SEO services (even if you know nothing about Search Engine Optimization) and charge a fortune for grabbing the #1 spot in Google using the techniques we'll show you. We'll also hand you some powerful tricks that will keep your customers websites high up the Google rankings so they will pay you repeatedly every single month to maintain that position.
  How to outsource all this SEO work for pennies on the dollar so your earnings are automated whilst you're out enjoying yourself or spending time with your family. You'll also learn how to make HUGE on-going monthly profits by offering extremely simple web services like hosting that you can charge up to $1000 per year for. (That's a $900 profit right there for something that'll take 2 minutes to complete)
  Lastly, you'll learn how to offer website development services that you can then outsource on the cheap.  Remember, most web design companies charge an absolute fortune for creating or adjusting simple little websites (sometimes as much as 5 figures) and you can undercut them by thousands of dollars and still generate a substantial income!  Just think about how easy landing pages are to set up if you are an affiliate marketer... and then realize that companies will pay up to $1000 to have one made up. Of course, if you outsourced it for $300, then that's still a $700 profit for doing nothing!





SEM Business Blueprint - Stage 4

In this section of the blueprint we'll give you a full-on exposé of the inner workings of this type of online business by taking you behind the scenes and showing you real life examples from our own accounts...

  We'll go into specific depth about how Google's account center works, the exact set up we have which you can then copy... and also run you through a case study that made us $11,000 cash in pocket.
  You'll find out the exact way in which you'll need to build ads for you clients, how to use a selection of really cool Google tools to set everything up and then be able to make changes and adjustments extremely quickly, if you need to.
  You will soon realize why this type of business is so brain-dead easy to do when you have access to the tools we recommend... and the best thing is it'll make it will appear to your customers as if you are monitoring every single campaign, ad and keyword 24/7 which will mean they will keep on paying you monthly fees.





SEM Business Blueprint - Stage 5

In this section of the course we will reveal where and how to find high paying customers. You'll discover how to virtually guarantee their business by proving how you can solve their problems, cut their costs, and make them money using really simple methods they will no nothing about.

  We'll reveal a group of people to contact whose connections have the potential to generate $10,000's of dollars of business. It's so obvious but hardly anyone ever thinks of it.
  Then we'll show you how to leverage the power of radio broadcasting to boost your exposure and the steps you'll need to follow to do it on the cheap.  We'll show you which radio hot spots work the best and even though this may sound expensive, why you only need to get just ONE conversion to cover the entire cost.
  We'll also give you some neat tricks to drum up business using direct mail and how, if you do it correctly you'll get 10 times the response rate that this type of advertising usually gets. We'll show you what to do, what to say and who to target to get the highest conversions possible and generate the maximum return on investment.
  You'll discover how to use 'Elance' to attract huge numbers of clients in record time and which FIVE techniques will allow you to stand out from the crowd and successfully swipe all the business from under the noses of the cheap offshore SEO companies.
  We will then tell you how to 'educate' potential customers (which will increase your chances of winning their business) by explaining how they will increase their profits ten times faster for far less money with online advertising rather than offline advertising.
  Next, we will also give you a case study running step by step through the process we went through where a new customer wrote us out an upfront $2000 check without us doing any work... and then how we received another for $7,500.
  Then you'll receive a second case study revealing how we did the exact same thing again but this time made over $10,000 extremely quickly by increasing their traffic by 40%, decreasing their CPC by 25% and lowering their cost per sale by 30%! You can use the exact same techniques as it's SO easy to do no matter what your experience level is.
  We'll also show you the exact pricing strategy we used, how we were charging people $500 to $2500 each month for every individual campaign and why we still made huge profits even when we outsourced all the work.




Think we're done..? Not by a long way...

Even if that was all we were offering within "SEM Business Blueprint", it would still be hands down the most understandable and easy-to-follow SEM roadmap on the planet with proven and time-tested techniques you simply won't get elsewhere.

...We would have already armed you with the most comprehensive formula for getting you on the 'fast-track' to duplicating our business and hopefully generating a 6-figure income in very short space of time.

However, what we have shown you so far is just the beginning.

We're also going to be handing you...




The Complete 'Worth Overdoing' Website...

This is the entire multi-page website we used to advertise our business and attract clients and originally cost us over $3000 to have made. The content is already done so all you need to do is set up a domain name, make a few adjustments to the picture and name and get it online in 30 minutes. It'll save you weeks of research and a fortune in copywriting and development.

It includes introductions, privacy policies, disclaimers pages aswell as detailed explanations on all aspects of the services you can now offer which will allow you to attract customers and start earning immediately!

It'll give your new business a massive head start so you can replicate our success even faster!





The Complete 'Wired Wave' Website...

This is the second website we created for our SEM business and like the first one will enable you to get your business up and running as fast as possible. Everything is ready to go and it comes complete with detailed descriptions of the SEO, social networking and Adwords services you can offer.

The writing is exceptional and it'll have clients flocking to your site begging you to provide them with your services especially as it includes tips and advice on internet marketing which will instil a sense of value and professionalism in both you and your business.

Remember, both these websites were fully functional and drawing in large numbers of customers and cash... now you can use them too!





The Formulas...

In this section we will be giving you 2 unique formulas which will enable you to work out exactly how much you should be spending for your clients on Google Adwords aswell as what campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists you should be using.

You just enter in the figures, press 'go' and the results will be worked out for you automatically so you can see the value per customer, the close rates, the conversion rates and target cost per click.  You can then use the data you're provided with to start up wining advertising campaigns for your customers.

Even if the business is generating sales offline, this formula will still work and it will enable you to prove to the customers that you are spending the correct amount of money within their budget... and this will mean they will keep on paying you for doing so on a monthly basis.





Link Building Plan...

This SEO link building plan is something that you can both show you customers and then use aswell to grab top ten Google rankings every time. It sets out a step by step plan that really works and we have used it time and time again to dominate the search engine rankings.

The best thing is you can now charge people $800 per month to implement it for their business, plus it is really easy to follow and you don't need any prior SEO knowledge in order to make this work.  Of course, once you have 10 customers this will work out at $8,000 per month in revenue!





Powerpoint Presentation...

The next thing we are going to give you is a highly professional power point presentation that we used to demonstrate to customers how effective marketing on the internet can be.

It is fully editable so you can simply add your name or brand, additional content if you wish (to the 23 pages that are already there!) and then either present it on your website (which will probably have people posting you checks like crazy), send it to people via email or run through it with them in person.

To create a document like this would require huge amounts of knowledge, hours upon hours of work and if you had someone else to create it for you would easily cost you in excess of $1000.





A Sample Radio Commercial...

The next thing we'll give you is an example of a radio commercial that was run for us on the local radio station so you can copy it and create your own.  We'll even give you the contact details of the guy who did this for us so you can contact him and have him do one for you too.

As we said earlier, radio advertising may seem like an expensive thing to do, but remember, just one client will pay for the costs and if you live in an area with a multitude of small businesses, you could easily generate 5 - 10 clients from just campaign and this alone would create a $50K - $100K per year business.





Proposal & Statement of Work...

Finally, we're going to hand you a full proven business proposal that you can send out to customers which sets out the objectives, goals, services, additional services that you will provide, and exactly how you are going to implement them. The example that you can copy and adjust in this instance was originally for a $2375 order with $1200/month on-going fees... again just for one client.

We'll also give you statement of work including 'milestones' and 'deliverables' and this is what you should send to your customer once you have got the job...




So as we've said, you need virtually no experience in internet marketing to make this work for the simple reason that you'll be learning as you go along ...and remember what we said a few moments ago...?

5 customers = Potentially $50,000 /year

10 customers = Potentially $100,000 /year

50 customers = Potentially $500,000 /year

100 customers = Potentially $1,000,000 /year

It really can be that easy and this conclusive proof proves how effective this business model is and how YOU can generate this level of income without doing a whole lotta' work. Of course, the question you'll now be asking yourself is this:

So How Much Is This Going To Set Me Back?

Well, firstly remember that we reveal absolutely everything... The very same tips, tricks and strategies that we used to make large sums of money from our own SEM business.

...And while other people are currently charging in excess of $1000 for similar material (which, by the way, is no where near as comprehensive), we realize that because the global recession is still biting hard it would be unrealistic and frankly stupid at the moment to release SEM Business Blueprint at it's genuine price.

Of course, what we can't obviously do is give it away for pennies because after all, we are handing over an entire REAL business and it would completely devalue the course...

However, what we have decided to do is not only charge over $800 less than most other courses, we have also eradicated all upsells and recurring billing and are therefore allowing you to get instant access to the whole blueprint for a one time payment of $197.

I'll say it again... NO recurring billing, NO upsells... just a one-time payment and ALL the material is yours for life.

In fact, we are so confident in this program and believe that it really is one of the fastest ways to earn a six figure income working from home, if you notify us within the next 60 days and say that you are not TOTALLY convinced by the income pulling power of this revolutionary business, we'll speedily refund every penny of your small investment.

To put it bluntly, we are willing to shoulder all the risk while you FREELY test-drive the system and make non-stop monthly checks in the process.

Listen, it's your decision... places WILL be taken extremely fast and the chances are we will probably be limiting this to just a handful of people who take action today. In other words we may be forced to pull it from the market at any time.

As soon as your order is confirmed (it happens instantly), you can start immediately as everything is delivered online. Take action now... Tick The Box Then Press "Add To Cart"..


Click The Yellow Button To Receive Instant Access To 'SEM Business Blueprint'





P.S. Act now before we pull it from the market!  You may not get another chance and remember, we may come to our senses and raise the price to it's true marketplace value at any time. At just $197, this is a virtual give away.
P.P.S. Remember, we are taking all the risk for a full 60 days while you get to test-drive the system. If you are not happy, you don't pay us a dime!
Get instant access now before we make the changes

To Your Success,

Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey


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